Blue Flower

There are over 30 Scouts including 3 Eagle Scouts and 6 Life Scouts in EHT Troop 94.  We believe at our core that helping the community makes all of us stronger.  Scouting makes us more aware of those around us.

We are fortunate to have as our Scoutmaster, Mr. Gus Ravert.  Mr. Ravert has been with EHT Troop 94 since 2016. He has led us into many an adventure.

We also have several excellent Assistant Scoutmasters. We pride ourselves on the variety of skillsets within the Troop.  We enjoy hiking, camping, climbing, swimming but also robotics and computers.  

Journey to Excellence is a point-based system for measuring Scouting success.  Points are earned by meeting certain objectives.  Troops are rated by:

ü  Participating in Service Projects

ü  Camping and Outdoor Activities

ü  Retaining Scouts in the Troop

ü  Planning and budgeting

ü  Training Scout Leaders

ü  Etc.

 EHT Troop 94 earned the highest rating in 2015.  We are gold!